Vice Chancellor's Message

Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam is led by seasoned academicians, committed educationalists and value conscious. The complete layout of the campus, the academic ethos and the mindscape of life in the campus is well conceived, articulated and designed by faculty, administration. The opportunities presented during their college hood years are essentially of prime importance for the overall scheme of imparting value based education to the young and it will impinge on the final outcome. The success of a University should not be counted mere by the quantity it is able to produce, but in the quality of scholarship being imparted by it and its impact on the students. This University is an ideal setting for the purpose of learning fundamentals and gather knowledge. It is the responsibility of educators to ensure such a climate to the students.

No single value, skill or competence, however admirable is sufficient unto itself. For a well-rounded student development, it is imperative that there be all round development of value, skill and abilities. Our University takes this task seriously and ensures that ideal challenges both by precepts and practice towards strong character building and personality development. The depth of infrastructure available and scope of the academic exposure provided in a well structured manner enables each and every student to pursue one’s academic goals in a stress free atmosphere. A committed faculty is on hand to guide and assist the students. All extraordinary streams are encouraged and ample opportunities are provided to help the students, so inclined, to grow in confidence and stature. In todays globalized world order, students the future leaders of the society must learn to live in perfect harmony in diverse circumstances. This institution is truly a blend of various cultures and religions from both the Telugu speaking States. Maximum opportunities will be provided in the campus to encourage initiative, self-reliance and leadership qualities. Striving for excellence in every field will always be encouraged. We will continue to construct a well-rounded educational experience for our students, which is purposely focused on the future. We are presenting our credentials here briefly, and request you visit our website for more detailed information.