M.A. Music

Duration : Two years (Four Semesters)
No. of Seats : 10 Regular seats in each veena and vocal
Eligibility : Any recognized Degree with Vocal Music or Veena Music as one of the main subjects, or any recognized Degree with a Diploma / Certificate in Vocal Music and Veena Music or equivalent, or any recognized Degree with a grading in Vocal or Veena in Classical Music Audition Board of All India Radio.
Course Content:
Musicology and History of Music; Practical training in Abhyasangana, Group Kritis, Manodharma Sangeetha, Raga Alapana, Neraval Swara Kalpana etc., Special Compositions, Raagam, Tanam and Pallavi.

M.A. in Bharathanatyam

Duration : Two years
No. of Seats : 10 Regular seats in Bharathanatyam
Eligibility : Any Bachelor degree with Natya Visarada / Govt. Certificate / Diploma Praveena / equivalent oriental Title Degree / B Grade/training under Guru and performance in the interview of SPMVV. Any Degree + One of the above dance courses) (or) Bachelors Degree in Dance Course Content:
Theory and Practice, Special Training for Concepts Make up, Nattuvangam, General Knowledge about the other systems of classical dance and Music
M.A. in Performing Arts (5 years integrated)
Music and Dance in first three years, Vocal/Veena/Bharatanatyam specialization in next two years.
Eligibility: Students with Intermediate/ +2 / higher secondary. Students with degree and training under a guru are eligible for admission directly into 4th year.
Evening Courses
Total 4 stages (2 years)
Each stage 50 hrs
The certificates will be issued to the students after the completion of 2 years certificate course by the university
Certificate Course in Traditional Folk Music (Self Finance)
External Electives:
1) Foundation course/ Sulabha Kirtanas
2) Out line Knowledge of Instruments and Identification/ Lali, Unjal and Namavalis, Slokas, Sulabha Kirthanas & Congregational Singing
3) Appreciation of Bharatanatyam, Body flexibility exercises
4)Annamacharya Keerthana, Folk Dance