The Department of Home Science offers two M.Sc courses; M.Sc Food and Nutrition Sciences and M.Sc Human Development and Family Studies, one P.G. Diploma course in preschool education (one year) and a certificate course in Child Care and Management (six months). These courses are applied in nature and are designed to train the students in Theory, Practice, Research and Extension in their field of study. All these courses have great relevance to the Institutions, Agencies, Organizations, Departments, Projects, Industries, Hospitals and Corporations working in the area of Health, Nutrition, Family, Community and Human Development and Management.
Under the M.Sc. programme in Food and Nutrition Sciences three specialisations are offered; A) Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics B) Community Health and Nutrition C) Food Science and Quality Control. The career opportunities available for M.Sc Food and Nutrition Science students are: Dietetians, Nutritionists, Nutrition and Diet Counsellors, Researchers, Project Coordinators, Food Service Managers, Personnel in programmes of Government and Non-Government Organizations.
The students of M.Sc Human Development and Family Studies  have employment opportunities as Pre-school Teachers/Managers, Academic consultants, as researchers, Counsellors, Managers in Institutions and Organizations for differently abled Children/Persons and Elderly, Coordinators of Early Childhood Education programmes, ICDS and other Government and Non-government programmes of Children, Women and families.
The students of P.G. Diploma in preschool education students have employement opportunities as; Preschool teachers and Managers, Coordinators of Early Childhood Education programmes of Government and Non-Government organizations. The Certificate course in Child Care and Management serves as an additional qualification for persons Managing Day Care Centres, crech and other institutions meant for Infants and young children.
The candidates applying for any of the above mentioned courses in this department and should submit separate applications for each course. For M.Sc Food and Nutrition Sciences, the candidates should submit one application and mention their order of preference for specialisations.