Conduct and Discipline

Under the policy of the university, students enjoy the greatest degree of liberty consistent with high academic standards and orderly conduct. Each student is expected to conduct herself in such a manner as to uphold the good reputation of the University (and her fellow students). At the same time, she should be conscious of her responsibilities imposed by the law and the ideals proclaimed by the University. It is presumed that all students, as members of this Institution of the highest learning understand that maturity, responsibility due regard for rights of others are prerequisites of liberty.

The following rules are to be observed by the students for cherishing the noble cause of the university.


All the International Students may note that in spite of the sincere efforts made by the University to adhere to the Academic Calendar, curriculum, timetable and schedules etc., framed by the University for the academic year concerned, for any dislocation or disturbance caused to the same due to any disturbances natural or manmade(strikes or movements) the University shall not be responsible for any loss, actual or perceived that might be caused to the International Students.